Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Your perseverance and patience will eventually pay off

While praying in the Spirit the other day, I saw a vision of a hand throwing a lifebuoy (tied with a rope) into a very rough sea, and someone was hanging on to the lifebuoy. At the same time, I also saw a very dark shadowy figure beneath the sea trying to pull that person down (in order to drown that person). It was like a scene of 'tug of war' between the hand from above and the hand from below.  

That's when I heard the Lord speak:
"The enemy wants you defeated. The enemy wants you down and out. The enemy wants you to be pulled down to hell. But I, the Lord, have meant for you to triumph!"

I then heard further:
"This is what I am telling My people in this time and season: Your perseverance and patience will eventually pay offThis is a time to hang on strong to Me, for I will deliver you and win the battle for you, if you do not lose heart! And I say to you, 'My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in your weakness'".

People of God, we are entering an extremely crucial time and season at the moment, and the battle in the spiritual realm is rather intense. What happens in the spiritual realm is reflected in the physical realm that we live in now. This is also a time many of God's people are tempted to 'lose heart' and 'give up'. Some in ministry, and some others even in life!

But the Lord has spoken clearly from the vision and the words that I received. This is a time to hang on strong to Him no matter what, and never allow the enemy to pull you down and drown you!

In 2 Corinthians 4:1, the apostle Paul wrote, 'Therefore, since we have this ministry (of the Holy Spirit), as we have received mercy, we do not lose heart'. 

And in 2 Corinthians 4:7-9, he wrote further, 'But we have this treasure (i.e. Jesus) in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us. We are hard pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed'.

Here, the apostle Paul wrote of how he was being hard pressed, misunderstood, falsely accused, and persecuted; yet he did not lose heart, but instead, he looked to the treasure (i.e. Jesus) inside him. This was a man who had learned to rely on the excellence of God's power, instead of his own strength and ability.

People of God, whatever 'rough sea' you are going through at the moment, and no matter how 'weak' or 'powerless' you think you are (in that particular area of your life), turn your eyes away from yourself, and turn to Him. He is your very present help in a time of need. He is mighty to save, and His hand is strong enough to deliver you. Believing, you will receive. Amen!

Monday, June 5, 2017

A new chapter!

I released these words from the Lord on June 4, 2017 (Pentecost Sunday):
"Many of My people are entering into a new chapter in their lives. There'll be empowering, enabling, and anointing from on high. Receive by faith! This is a time to declare and proclaim that your new chapter is greater than your old chapter!"

The word 'chapter' here can mean 'a (numbered) division of a book', or 'a period of time'. Therefore, the words from the Lord here denote 'a leaving behind of an old chapter' and 'a moving on into a new chapter'.

Like someone reading a book, the Lord is at the moment opening a new chapter for you. So, look not behind you, but look ahead of you. Forgive yourself. Forgive those who have hurt you. Let bygones be bygones. Begin to bless, and not curse. And that's when you'll begin to see a new dawn beckoning for you. Psalm 46:4-5 says, 'There is a river whose streams shall make glad the city of God, the holy place of the tabernacle of the Most High. God is in the midst of her, she shall not be moved; God shall help her, just at the break of dawn'. This is God's promise for those who are willing to walk into a new chapter.

By the way, 'at the break of dawn' is when 'the earliest light of the day' begins to unfold. It speaks of 'a brand new start'. And I declare that it's going to be a greater one for you. Because the Lord has said so!

People of God, that's exactly what happened on the Day of Pentecost some 2,000 years ago, when the Holy Spirit came upon those who waited for Him. Acts 2:1-4 says, 'When the Day of Pentecost had fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. And suddenly there came a sound from heaven, as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting. Then there appeared to them divided tongues, as of fire, and one sat upon each of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance'.

Just before Jesus ascended to heaven, He had commanded the apostles not to depart from Jerusalem, but to wait for the Promise of the Father, which He said, "...for John truly baptized with water, but you shall be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now." (Acts 1:4-5) Then He went on to say, "But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth." (Acts 1:8)

And on the Day of Pentecost (the fiftieth day after the resurrection of Jesus), the Promise of the Father (i.e. the Holy Spirit) came! And that was to be a new chapter in God's book - the birth of His church!

Some days earlier before the Day of Pentecost, the Lord had indicated to the apostles that without the Holy Spirit (and the empowering of the Holy Spirit), the church cannot start! But that day of empowering had finally arrived! And as a result, the church era unfolded!

Peter stood up to preach the very first sermon in the church era (Acts 2:14-40), and on that day, many were baptized, and about three thousand souls were added to them (Acts 2:41). The Lord then added to the church daily those who were being saved (Acts 2:47).

People of God, as you look ahead in this brand new chapter, receive also the empowering, enabling, and anointing from on high. Declare and proclaim in Jesus' name that the best is yet to come for you! Declare and proclaim in Jesus' name that your new chapter is greater than your old chapter! Believe for it, and begin to walk in it. Amen!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Staying true to the Lord in a time of transition

We have entered a crucial time of transition in the spiritual realm, and it will soon be reflected in the physical realm full-blown. In fact, for some, this transition has already begun.

The Oxford Dictionary defines the word 'transition' as 'changing from one state or condition to another'. This applies both in one's personal walk (or calling/vocation in life), and even in the nations of the world (both politically and economically).

This is a key time, a pivotal time, or put it simply, a 'make' or 'break' time for many in the Body of Christ. The enemy, of course, would want God's people to reach a 'breaking point' when they'd just give in to whatever form of distress, pressure, fear, and intimidation thrown against them.

But fear not! In Romans 8:33-39, the apostle Paul wrote, 'Who shall bring a charge against God's elect? It is God who justifies. Who is he who condemns? It is Christ who died, and furthermore is also risen, who is even at the right hand of God, who also makes intercession for us. Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? As it is written: "For Your sake we are killed all day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter." Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come. nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord'.

Notice the statement 'who also makes intercession for us' here. This word 'intercession' is 'entugchano' in Greek, from the word 'tugchano' (toong-khan-o), meaning 'to bring to pass, to bring about the effect'. In other words, it is Christ who 'bring to pass' and 'bring about the effect' that nothing (and no one) shall be able to bring a charge against you, who is God's elect! And nothing whatsoever shall be able to separate you from the love of God!

People of God, in this crucial time of transition, your part is to stay true to the Lord, knowing that He (not just anybody else, but He who is the Great I Am) is making intercession for you. To 'stay true to the Lord' is to keep your focus on Him, instead of the distress, pressure, fear, and intimidation thrown by the enemy against you. And that's also how you'll begin to 'transit' into a new season of breakthrough, victory and fruitfulness in your life (and ministry)!

If you look at the life of Hannah in the Old Testament, you'll see the same thing happening to her those days. She was also in a time of transition. 'Hannah', by the way, is 'Channah' in Hebrew, and her name means 'favored'. You see, she was supposed to be 'favored', and her life was supposed to be 'fruitful'. But in reality, she was barren. In fact, she was in great distress, because her rival (Peninnah) who had many children (1 Samuel 1:4), provoked her severely to make her miserable (1 Samuel 1:6-7).

But instead of focusing on her 'rival' (and whatever the 'rival' said or did to her), she turned to the Lord and cried out to Him (1 Samuel 1:8-16). And Eli the priest then answered her and said, "Go in peace, and the God of Israel grant your petition, which you have asked of Him." (1 Samuel 1:17) Hannah then went her way and her face was no longer sad. As we all know, the rest is history. Not long after that, the Lord gave her a son, and she called his name Samuel (1 Samuel 1:20). The Lord then visited her again and again, so that she conceived and bore three sons and two daughters (1 Samuel 2:21).

People of God, what happened to Hannah those days is prophetic of our time and season at the moment. It was a 'make' or 'break' time for her. It was a difficult and distressful time for her. It was a time of transition for her. But she did something pivotal that eventually led to her breakthrough, victory and fruitfulness. She cried out and poured out to the Lord, and the Lord answered her.

Like Hannah, you too are supposed to be the 'favored' of the Lord, and 'fruitful' in all that the Lord has called you to be (and do). Make no mistake about that! But maybe you have been hard-pressed in your life (or even in ministry) recently, or you have reached a plateau in your life, and you don't know what to do anymore. For some of you, you are at your wit's end, and you are on the verge of giving it all up. Like Hannah, this is a time to cry out to the Lord and pour out to Him.

This is also a time to meditate on Psalm 46:1-5 that says, 'God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, even though the earth be removed, and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea; though its waters roar and be troubled, though the mountains shake with its swelling. There is a river whose streams shall make glad the city of God, the holy place of the tabernacle of the Most High. God is in the midst of her, she shall not be moved; God shall help her, just at the break of dawn'.

Pray in the Spirit much, and meditate on God's promises in the Word all over again. Worship the Lord in the beauty of His holiness. And if the Lord leads you into a time of prayer and fasting, go ahead (I fully believe there is a place for prayer and fasting even for believers under the New Covenant!), and you'll see the 'ceiling' that limits you from receiving all the promises of God in your life be 'broken'.

By the way, fasting doesn't change God, but fasting changes you, so that you can receive from God without hindrances. Sometimes, the hindrance may not be from the devil, but is due to your own carnal (fleshly) self. The apostle Paul wrote about it in Romans 8:6-10! It is when your flesh is 'tamed' and 'humbled' (through prayer and fasting), your spirit man begins to have the upper hand again, and that's when you'll also begin to hear and receive from God clearer! 1 Peter 5:5 says 'God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble'. 1 Peter 5:6 then says, 'Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time'. Amen.